About Us

Who would have thought childhood friends became business partners in the future? That’s how ZSM started. We are a trio and have been friends since we were in our mother’s womb. No, kidding aside, that’s how close we are. We shared dreams and aspirations. Truth be told, 30 years down the line, we are managing one of the most successful construction companies in the country.

Our company’s principle is to be excellent. Yes, that’s right. We are excellent in whatever construction project we do, even to the point of handling clients, suppliers and the people behind ZSM.

The relationships we have with our suppliers and clients are incomparable. No wonder we receive one project at a time. We get positive reviews and referrals constantly without even exerting much effort on the marketing aspect.

Today, ZSM is proud to say that we have catered to different clients and have satisfied them 100% without any back job at all. We continue to be very excellent and make sure that each of our clients will definitely say they are happy they made the right choice in hiring us. This is our measurement of success and will always be. We owe our success to all the clients who have entrusted us with their projects, and to our suppliers who have been there throughout the years.