Innovative Design

Design is most definitely one of the fundamental components in every project. Let us show you the possibilities..

Welcome to ZSM

ZSM gives you the ultimate construction and home improvement service…

We deliver quality service at a fraction of the price you are going to pay to other companies.
We make difficult procedures look easy.
We have an all in-house team to take care of every project to get the best result.

ZSM clients are experienced and offer 100% satisfaction if you hire us for a project or two. We constantly receive positive feedback. Mostly, they appreciated the fact that it cost them less than what they would have expected their project to cost.

ZSM is a company that aims to be EXCELLENT in everything we do. We never settle for anything else. We always aim to improve each and every day. We study each project, come up with a good quotation, and implement it in such a way that the client will never have to spend more than it is expected of them.

ZSM is different from the rest of  all the other construction companies. Why is this so? We have built a good relationship with our suppliers. Therefore, the cost of materials is way cheaper. We value your time, and it is important to finish on schedule. Thus, we hire the most efficient men we have to finish the project in a timely manner.If we cannot deliver a service in your area you can always visit this Pretoria website. We fully endorse their services because we have made used of their services in the past, and they are a top notch company which delivers on time and in budget.

ZSM values having a good relationship with each and every client we have. We treat our clients with respect and honesty. We tell the truth regarding whether or not the project can be done, or if there are challenges along the way, etc. Then, from there we will come up with a solution that will be a win-win situation for both the client and the company.

ZSM takes every project to a much higher level than everybody else. We aim to become the very best and not settle for second best.